Samnik & Ballard Expert Tree Consultants, LLC is entering its 47th year of practice. The practice offers expertise in the areas of tree issues, arboreal and horticultural consulting, dispute resolution, permitting and compliance with tree ordinances and expert witness in tree and landscape issues. Expert Tree Consultants has been a trusted resource to developers, professional engineers, landscape architects, attorneys, and insurance companies with the complex problems that relate to trees.
The on staff arborists are uniquely qualified as consultants with a special focus on tree preservation and resolving tree disputes.

What’s Happening Now?



    How do you know if you’ve got the right guy at your corporate door to preserve your tree?  Well, you either got a word-of-mouth referral or you saw his advertisement somewhere; perhaps on the web, perhaps you googled, tree preservation; perhaps you found the guy in print somewhere.  But you’re a smart guy yourself.  You […]Read More »
  • Samnik & Ballard Preserve Four Grand Oaks

    Samnik & Ballard Preserve Four Grand Oaks

    Samnik and Ballard were selected to preserve four highly visible grand oak trees in the cities of Sarasota, Florida and Tampa, Florida.  Their technique of applying soil on top of existing roots to regenerate and grow new roots is beyond cutting-edge technology and will be implemented on these subject trees.  The old dirt, aged over […]Read More »
  • TREE PRESERVATION Joe Samnik, Consulting Arborist

    TREE PRESERVATION Joe Samnik, Consulting Arborist

    Different people have different perspectives on tree preservation.  The first thing a client, typically a developer thinks about regarding tree preservation is money; nothing wrong with that, and it’s perfectly understandable.  The first thing a tree colleague thinks about when preservation is the subject is tree biology.  Nobody is right and nobody is wrong.  It’s […]Read More »


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