Samnik & Ballard Preserve Four Grand Oaks

Samnik and Ballard were selected to preserve four highly visible grand oak trees in the cities of Sarasota, Florida and Tampa, Florida.  Their technique of applying soil on top of existing roots to regenerate and grow new roots is beyond cutting-edge technology and will be implemented on these subject trees.  The old dirt, aged over a century, is first removed as part of the overall treatment plan; much like repotting a houseplant, except the soil required is typically 50 cubic yards.   Tissue tests reveal to the parts per million what nutrients are and are not present inside the tree biology.  Deficient nutrients are then added to the tree in chelate form.  The most recent and highly publicized use of this technique was the historic Baranof oak in Safety Harbor, Florida.  This unique improvement approach to tree preservation was discovered accidentally by Joe over 20 years ago.  He and Lori have perfected this approach now used on highly visible and valuable trees throughout the southeastern United States.

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TREE PRESERVATION Joe Samnik, Consulting Arborist

Different people have different perspectives on tree preservation.  The first thing a client, typically a developer thinks about regarding tree preservation is money; nothing wrong with that, and it’s perfectly understandable.  The first thing a tree colleague thinks about when preservation is the subject is tree biology.  Nobody is right and nobody is wrong.  It’s always a matter of emphasis. But what should be the first thing the consultant thinks about regarding tree preservation or its kissing cousin, tree transplanting?

The Golden Rule at Samnik and Ballard is:  Protect Your Client.  The first thing that ought to come to mind as a consultant is how many national standards, best management practices, or other treatise must be considered to protect the client from litigation or claims if something goes wrong.


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Having knowledge means sharing knowledge by giving back to those in the industry who want to explore new sources of revenue.  Joe Samnik and Lori Ballard will be teaching tree appraisal to arborist from both the Florida and Southern Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).  Putting a value on a tree can prove to be very challenging when utilizing industry accepted formulas.  In addition to the basic fundamentals of tree appraisal, arborists have to have a complete understanding of how to utilize these formulas.  Arborists will get the opportunity to learn these skills at the upcoming Tree Appraisal Workshop taking place at the UF-IFAS Leon County Extension in Tallahassee on March 3, 2016.


Joe Samnik and Lori Ballard have both been selected to present at the upcoming Florida Chapter ISA Annual Conference, Trees Florida taking place June 12 – 14, 2016 in Delray Beach Florida.  Joe and Lori will be teaming up with an attorney and other industry experts to present Killer Trees and Negligence.  This Academy will explore how to best avoid being named as a litigant by examining the concepts and applications of tree law and the misconceptions regarding perceived tree risk assessment of the discrepancies and significant gaps in knowledge that exist at each level of biology, standards and assessment/maintenance.


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Joe Samnik and Lori Ballard speak at the International Society of Aboriculture, International Conference!

Joe and Lori have been enjoying their  educational speaking engagments in 2015.

Joe Samnik and Lori Ballard both had their abstracts selected for presentation at the International Society of Arboriculture Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida.  Arborists from around the world were in attendance.

Joe also presented at the annual conference of the Florida Chapter, American Society of Landscape Architects, as well as the Knowledge College for FNGLA .Both he and Lori presented at the FSMPA conference in Orlando Fl.

In October, Joe and Lori will present to Landscape Architects at the Last Chance Seminars along with Dr. Monica Elliot, Dr. Tim Broschat, Dr. Laurie Trenholm and John Conroy of Fish Branch Tree Farm.

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