Mandated or Voluntary – Costly and Frustrating

The preservation of trees can be costly, frustrating and in many situations, disappointing.

Many people believe that tree preservation simply equates to leaving trees standing during the development process. It is however, an extremely complicated and scientific exercise.

Using a consulting arborist to implement tree preservation can alleviate frustration and disappointment, as well as save money.
The certified, consulting arborist and associated professionals at Expert Tree Consultants apply science and research-backed data when preserving trees; no snake oils, no remedies, no urban legends.

Only tree biology, science and research are considered and planned specifically.

Not all trees can be preserved. Not all trees should be preserved.

The preservation process begins with a complete tree assessment. Many trees are poor candidates for preservation due to poor health, diseases, age and structural criteria. Situation criteria such as safety, topography changes, root loss, canopy loss, light and shade issues, landscape considerations, fill dirt, grade changes and encroachments are also analyzed in the process.

Chemical products are considered as a viable, possible inclusion in preservation methodology. These products must comply with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other legal criteria for labeled use. These products can be either curative or prophylactic in nature. The safety of people and the environment are the primary issue.

A preservation plan is created with the input of the development team. From the owner and professional engineer to the jurisdiction agency enforcing the ordinances, a set of specifications is created. Licensed and certified professionals are targeted for implementation of the specificity, costs are determined and schedules are set.

The implementation of the preservation specifications is closely monitored during the process. The job is inspected after completion for compliance to the specifications. Reports are issued to the owner or owner’s representative, and the regulatory agency’s requirements are met.

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Areas of Expertise

Appraised Value of Trees and Landscapes

Tree appraisals are in high demand.  Determining a tree or plant’s value is often at the center of legal disputes arising from a weather event, insurance claims or a matter of eminent domain.

Nursery Assessments and Appraisals

Nursery assessments whither for eminent domain, product liability, divorce, loans, or any type of casualty loss are the Gold Standard of Arboriculture.

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When your area of expertise includes tree preservation, and you have been doing just that for 45 years, a pattern of anticipation emerges from the owner of the tree as it relates to certain inquiries regarding the process and expectations. Wither my client is commercial or residential there are shared common denominators associated with each person. Here is my summation of the most frequently asked questions and my responses:

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Fertilizer Foibles

One of the things that we all do but know little about is fertilizing.  Whether we apply or specify it, we pretty much don’t know what we’re doing.  Yes, we understand the local laws and ordinances which govern fertilizer applications.  We have heard or are tangentially aware that runoff is killing our eco system and environment.  We have perused or glanced at the Best Management Practices for fertilizing, and are at least (hopefully) aware of the fact that ANSI A-300, Part 2 has a complete standard written about fertilization.  But we don’t get it.

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Of Trends, Science and Chickens

Trends are fascinating and exhilarating phenomena.  They allow pundits the opportunity to pontificate upon things which may never happen but are nonetheless given great credence due to the expertise of the pontificator.  Trends tend to focus on the minutia of a far greater whole, and more likely than not are short-lived.  Trends are fun to watch and a delight to participate in.  Trends define goals and give us hope to better ourselves and our communities. We want to become a trendsetter due to its elitism and social stature.  We want to follow trendsetters because there’s safety in numbers.  But lurking in the hallowed halls of this intermittent euphoria lays danger.  Nothing can disappear quicker than Elvis Presley sideburns then to follow a trend and ignore the science behind it.

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Our Mission is to provide our clients with the latest researched-backed information regarding tree issues while offering, the finest professional services for dispute resolution assignments.

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