Have you ever heard the name Donna Massie?  How about Tom McCrum?  The former holds the dubious distinction of having identified the very first Asian long-horned beetle (ALB) in Worchester, Mass.  Already 1,800 trees have been tagged for removal on 62 square miles surrounding Worcester and four neighboring towns.  Tom McCrum is with the Massachusetts Maple Syrup Association and joins economists and politicians in the nightmare scenario that would follow into the tourism and timber industry if the ALB encroached further from its current foothold.  Approximately $268 million has been spent on eradication efforts during the last eleven years.

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Among the new publications of note to arborists is ANSI A300 (part 2) – 2011(Soil Management- a. Modification, b. Fertilization, and c. Drainage).  If you fertilize trees, or write specificity regarding the fertilization of trees, this is a new publication you must have in your library.  You may obtain a copy of this publication from the Florida Chapter, ISA office.

At first it must be realized that this standard, along with other ANSI standards, is strictly voluntary; however, once it is mentioned in a contract or in a set of specifications which are awarded to a successful bidder the terms become binding and contractual.

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Have You Ever Repotted a House Plant Before?

The 81” Diameter at Breast Height (DBH) Baranoff Oak in Safety Harbor, Florida is fighting for its life. During the week of May 20th this magnificent oak tree will be repotted in an effort to save its life.

They say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. In this case that is literally the truth. In an attempt to create a park like atmosphere and showcase this magnificent oak many of the life sustaining roots were cut, torn, and mutilated to make way for man-made improvements. These “improvements” include brick pavers, fill dirt, benches, and sidewalks – everything known to man that can kill a tree. The dying beauty has been reduced to growing in a container; albeit a large one surrounded on all four sides by cement and brick pavers. Essential life processes have been disrupted and the tree is in decline and could die.

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