Tree Risk Assessment

Not every tree can be saved, not every tree should be saved.

Certified Arborists – Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ)

Risk Assessment

If you are going to preserve a tree the number one rule is safety and you should get a certified arborist with the Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ) to inspect the tree. Not all defects can be seen from the ground and it becomes necessary to identify defects in the canopy of the tree. Sometimes, defects and other conditions are obscured by climbing plants, mistletoe, moss, or epiphytes, which require an aerial inspection to be revealed. The aerial inspection may determine that there are defects that prevent the tree from being a good candidate for preservation.

Areas of Expertise

Appraised Value of Trees and Landscapes

Tree appraisals are in high demand.  Determining a tree or plant’s value is often at the center of legal disputes arising from a weather event, insurance claims or a matter of eminent domain.

Nursery Assessments and Appraisals

Nursery assessments whither for eminent domain, product liability, divorce, loans, or any type of casualty loss are the Gold Standard of Arboriculture.

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Of Trends, Science and Chickens

Trends are fascinating and exhilarating phenomena.  They allow pundits the opportunity to pontificate upon things which may never happen but are nonetheless given great credence due to the expertise of the pontificator.  Trends tend to focus on the minutia of a far greater whole, and more likely than not are short-lived.  Trends are fun to watch and a delight to participate in.  Trends define goals and give us hope to better ourselves and our communities. We want to become a trendsetter due to its elitism and social stature.  We want to follow trendsetters because there’s safety in numbers.  But lurking in the hallowed halls of this intermittent euphoria lays danger.  Nothing can disappear quicker than Elvis Presley sideburns then to follow a trend and ignore the science behind it.

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