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Searching for the right consultant for your particular problem can be as daunting as the problem itself.  There’s a lot of choices from which to select. There are a lot of questions which must be answered in your mind.  There’s a lot at stake.  A lot of money.  A lot of your future.  Much of your past.

You need a person who has a road map to resolution of your problems.  Someone that has already been down that road and knows all the side streets, all the potholes, the speed limits, the bumps in the road, and, yes, the short cuts.  You need someone that has already experienced and participated in the successful outcome to the very problems you are facing.

You also need, but may not know it, a consultant that understands and has participated in scores of successful mediations, depositions, and court room expertise.  You need to be protected from the hazards of liability and litigation. You need a consultant that has the ancillary knowledge and the advantage of having already experienced these matters and can bring to your corporate table a benefit that others cannot.

Arboreal consultants are everywhere.  Just check out the web or Google the name and you will be overwhelmed by your choices.

Most, if not all people like yourself, searching for a world class consultant in the “Green Industry” or the tree world look for two things when searching for a consultant:  Credentials and tree knowledge.  A consultant with a lot of alphabet soup letters after their name.  The more letters, the better.  The slicker the web page, the better.  The higher the ranking, the better.

When you interview potential consultants, ask for a copy of their CV.  Have a look at their bio.  Check out their history of achievements. Talk to them and ask if they have ever encountered your problem.  Ask about the outcome of the assignment.  Ask for corporate referrals.

Then make your decision.

My services aren’t for everyone.  You may not even need my expertise.  But I’m certainly available to see if I’m a good fit for you and your problem.

You are welcome to call my mobile phone to determine how I might be of benefit to you:  727-403-5980.

I do not accept assignments from homeowners, HOA’s or similar organizations.

Areas of Expertise

Appraised Value of Trees and Landscapes

Tree appraisals are in high demand.  Determining a tree or plant’s value is often at the center of legal disputes arising from a weather event, insurance claims or a matter of eminent domain.

Nursery Assessments and Appraisals

Nursery assessments whither for eminent domain, product liability, divorce, loans, or any type of casualty loss are the Gold Standard of Arboriculture.

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