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It’s About Justice

If we are working on a matter together and you should happen to call me at 2:00 o’clock in the morning there is little doubt but that I will pick up the phone on the first ring.  I am walking the hallways.  I am walking in my front yard.  I am thinking.  Of course there are the myriad of documents, exhibits, testimony, and other material to sort out in my mind and be prepared to present under oath.

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A Matter of Emphasis

A couple of decades ago I hung a picture on my office wall.  I hung it there at the beginning of my career in appraising trees and plants.  The caption under the picture reads, “Do you want your assessment to show how much your tree is worth, or how little it is worth – it’s a matter of emphasis”.  Setting aside the naïveté of the statement, the question remains the matter of emphasis in the approach used to valuation – and the ethical repercussions which ensue.

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