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Wrongful Death and Personal Injury

Someone has been injured. Perhaps, someone has been killed and somebody seeks justice. Whether a defendant or plaintiff, someone has come to you for justice.

With all of your expertise as a top litigator, with all of your experience with matter of negligence, you need an expert who knows the vast intricacies of tree and plant workings. You need to know why something failed in part or in whole. Whether the failure is related to structural integrity issues, you need to know cause and effect. You need to base your case on duty. But of all the knowledge you seek, the cornerstone of your case rest upon the honor, integrity and character of the expert.

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It’s About Justice

If we are working on a matter together and you should happen to call me at 2:00 o’clock in the morning there is little doubt but that I will pick up the phone on the first ring.  I am walking the hallways.  I am walking in my front yard.  I am thinking.  Of course there are the myriad of documents, exhibits, testimony, and other material to sort out in my mind and be prepared to present under oath.

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Our Mission is to provide our clients with the latest researched-backed information regarding tree issues while offering, the finest professional services for dispute resolution assignments.

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